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total_icontest's Journal

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An icontest community about everything
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An icontest community that has no limit on subjects

Welcome to total_icontest. I have started this community as I wanted to stretch myself as an icon maker and no communities I found included everything you could imagine so I started my own.

You can contact me with any questions/comments/suggestions/complaints via pm but please be polite or you will be ignored.

1. You can only enter five icons per contest unless otherwise specified.
2. You must be a member to enter.
3. Icons must be newly made for each contest.
4. All icons must meet lj standards (100x100 and under 40kb).
5. There is to be NO animation.
6. You are allowed to use brushes/textures/gradients etc.
7. You can not post your icons anywhere, including your own journal, until voting has finished and winners have been announced.
8. You can NOT vote for yourself.
9. If you enter you must vote or you will be disqualified unless you tell me beforehand why you can't.
10. Do not tell others which icons are yours and get them to vote for you, that's unfair.
11. Icon are to be submitted in the following format


Contest schedule:
Saturday: Voting and new contests will be posted.
Monday: Results from previous contests will be posted.
Wednesday: Mid-week reminder will be posted.
Friday: Icons will be due by midnight EST.
Banners will be posted after each challenge has ended, I can not specify a day as life sometimes takes over.

When voting you will vote for First, Second and Third, if there are enough icons then I will throw in a special category or two for you to vote on also so make sure to read the rules on each voting post carefully.

Votes will be tallied as so:
First place = 3 points
Second Place = 2 points
Third Place = 1 point

When I post results I will also add a 'Mod's Choice' category.

Contest subjects
You can expect to find the following challenges, some weeks pictures will be supplied, others you will be free to find your own:
Male: Three pictures of a man will be posted, he may be a model, actor, musician or sports star.
Female: See Male.
Hush: NO icons can include text.
Colour: A colour will be chosen and your icons must include that colour (i.e. Pink is the colour so your icons must include the colour pink).
Object: An object will be chosen (i.e. a car) and you will be free to find any picture you want of that object.
Text only: Your icon must include just text, gradients are allowed as long as text is included on top.
Special: In one of these contests you will be allowed to choose any person/object/colour for your icons, there will be no restrictions on the entries whatsoever.
Movie/TV: I will supply caps from a television show or movie for you to use as the base for your icons.

Free images
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